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Welcome to Tralaer!

Tralaer is creating unique, collectable NFT’s which are a blend of physical and digital formats. This blending of mediums is to honor both our physical existence as well as our digital experience.

On this website we provide you with in depth, highly relevant information, photos, images and videos about each of the Tralaer Crypto Artwork NFT Packages. (All of the details that it is not possible to provide on Opensea.io in the space given there )

A quick glance through this Homepage reveals concise overviews of what is available and provides links to individual pages with “rich details”.


As you know, each Tralaer artwork is utterly unique (1 of 1) and the physical artwork is the starting point of each creation.

The creation process of each individual NFT is captured in a “Time-Lapse”, “Time Capsule” over the shoulder video, giving you a glimpse into each step of the creative process. (And Yes! you can actually watch the full time lapse videos on this website)

To discover more of what is included in each Tralaer creation explore this page and links.



Visit Our NFT Crypto Art Masterpieces Page

All of our NFT Artwork and information about each work of art can be accessed via this page.

You Can Purchase Your Tralaer NFT Art On OpenSea.io

Tralaer NFT art is for sale via the OpenSea.io NFT marketplace. Please visit our main gallery where you will find links to our individual collections.

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Order your Bespoke Artwork

Tralaer also creates Bespoke Artwork for you or your business. If you have a Crypto or Blockchain or even traditional style business and you would like a unique piece of art with it’s own crypto and token payment coordinates then make it happen with Tralaer.

Owners Info and FAQ

Do you have questions on your mind about purchasing a Tralaer NFT package?

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Already purchased your Tralaer package and want to take delivery of your physical artwork?

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Thank You!

Thank you for investing a few minutes of your precious time to visit our website and discover more about the Tralaer Picadali NFT Artwork Collections!

We sincerely hope that you connected with Tralaer’s unique art perspective and have decided to purchase your own Tralaer NFT package.

If you have any questions not covered here please contact us.

Thank you!
Tralaer Picadali